Sunday, November 08, 2009

So it's been forever since I posted on my blog, but I am going to rectify this. I am taking a course in how to revamp a blog and hopefully I can get through all the techno gargon and end up with something I like and will hopefully be somewhat diligent about keeping up to date. But the main reason is to do some documenting, sharing, remembering, so that I can look back in the future and remember the day to day stuff, the big and the mundane stuff, (since I haven't been journaling in the traditional way in forever).

This is also a way to share with family and friends, the happenings of our somewhat boring life, but hey, that's us and I'm somewhat OK with that....... OK, folks let's be honest, this is really so I can look back and remember what the hey I did last week, because my mind is seriously like a sieve and I think early Alzheimer's is setting in! :P SERIOUSLY!!

It's also a way to combine my passions, photography, scrapbooking, and writing, yeah I said it out loud, writing. I used to love to write when I was a kid, stories, and make believe and even a diary (that was short lived because of all the prying eyes in our household) but when I started scrapbooking that was the one thing I found the hardest for me to do!??...... But after a few years I realized that was one of the key elements that drew me into a great SBing page, was the journaling and stories, and I came to the conclusion that; that is what I want my to leave my family with, is the stories. I am not the best or funniest writer, but I do have lots to say, (R will atest to that), yeah my hubby finds it really hard to believe that I was once painfully shy and talked very little....ha ha....honestly!!!....anyway if nothing else I hope to take a few of my ramblings and just add them to my scrapbook pages, and the boys will have little peeks into our/their everyday childhoods/lives. Maybe they will appreciate it, maybe not, but what I wouldn't give to have a little piece of history like this from one of my parents or grandparents!

I'll start with yesterday, since I have done diddley squat today, and I had a great day yesterday.

It started early with being at the kids school for 7:30, the Parent Council, (PTA) of which I am the secretary, put on a Marketplace, (craftshow) as a fundraiser and even though the traffic through the school wasn't the greatest, (not sure if it was the scare of the H1N1 that has everyone paranoid) or just the economy, but despite that, the council made a respectable amount and we were happy. It was a productive day and the boys got to hang around the house and play on the computer or watch T.V., pretty much do what they wanted, as R was working, so they were happy.

Jason (Jay as he likes to be referred to as now) looked after the boys for us and we went to a dinner party at some University buddies of R's. It was a great night! Some wonderful food, (we cooked our own dinner) some great conversation and laughs, and even though I was the only one of out the 12 that didn't go to University with this crowd, I certainly didn't feel out of place! Yes, I said we cooked our own dinner! it was so much fun. They had the cutest little gadets set up in the middle of the table that looked like little grills with burners underneath (the kind like the ones on our fondue set) and we each had a little frying pan and spatula and dozens of sauces. Heather (and Joe, not sure how much he helped, but if he's anything like my hubby, he does half the work, at least when we are entertaining!) had cut up veggies and meat and seafood and we cooked our own meal and put it over rice. They had 3 tables in a row, running down the middle of the family room, so we just passed things from table to table and it was such a nice way to spend an evening, while the hostess didn't have to spend the whole night in the kitchen! R & I sat with Irene and Mo, and her and I had a great conversation and realized we have alot in common. We talked about the book club she started with a girlfriend 12 years ago and said she would let me know when they were getting together next when I expressed an interest in being in a book club. It was funny listening to them call R "tard" his old high school nickname. Supposedly, that came from Richard..."Reeshard"...."chard"....."tard".... OK I don't really get it either, it's obviously a guy thing. All in all it was a wonderful night and we talked on the way home about how it's our turn soon to host something....

Anyway catch ya later,

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