Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Well its been so long, I forget how to post....we'll see if this works and I can actually post some pix.

The Bond family got a new toy and although we've only had it for a short while we are enjoying it immensely and can't wait for a new boating season to start.

We decided we should take the plunge now and enjoy it as a family before the kids get too old and don't want to hang around with the old folks anymore. Although, I think we'll start seeing more of Jason and Brendan next summer and Jay has already asked if it was in his best interest to get his boating licence. Ha!! that's a good one, we always knew you had a sense of humour! Nice try buddy. It is our floating cottage, and we are looking forward to spending some quality time with family and friends on it, in the next few years.

We thought about naming the boat "Bond ing", but of course Richard had to have something with James Bond in the name. First we named it just 007, the JB logo, but everyone at the marina said it was missing something, so we renamed it after a Bond movie. I will post those pix when we officially have the name on the boat and have christened it.