Monday, December 07, 2009

My Flashback Friday lo. Click link for credits.

QOTD: "The greatest thing about being an artist, is that no one can tell you you're not".~Unknown

Christmas Chaos! I love Christmas, I really do. It's my favourite holiday, but I always seem to be so rushed and overwhelmed this time of year, that I begin to hate it! I don't want to hate it! I just have to stop taking on so much, or start earlier. I get a bit done and start to feel complacent and then it creeps up and I start to feel rushed. Breathe......just Breathe.....

It wasn't bad last year b/c we went to FL with the in-laws and I didn't decorate or put up Christmas lights and most of my shopping I did on-line and had it shipped, but the kids hated that we didn't decorate for Christmas, or have a tree and frankly, so did I.

I think b/c Kristi and Wells and Donovan are coming and they will be here early, I am a little more stressed than usual. I am soooo glad they are coming, but more people to buy for (we are doing a gift exchange at mom's) and they are staying here, so R has taken to doing major projects before Christmas!! I love this man with all my heart, but he always seems to decide that he doesn't "like" something in the house and it needs to be changed, 3 weeks before Christmas.

So he has taken to renovating the downstairs bathroom and painting the rec room. He is also putting up shelves in the cold room and above the freezer for storage. I LOVE that this man is handy! and that he starts things and gets them done, I just wish he'd pick another time, other than the Christmas rush!

I also hurt my shoulder a week ago, (I have no idea what I did, but I couldn't MOVE it for 3 days and was at the Dr. for anti-inflammatories and pain killers and then the Chiro for acupuncture. It was the first time I had that and weird sensation, but made me feel better fast! The arm is still sore, but feeling much better!

So I am going to try to keep up with the blog regularly instead of having verbal diarrhea everytime I get on here. There are alot of courses I wanted to take, about journaling your Christmas, just to document the journey during the month of December, but with the amount of stuff going on, I am going to pass, (I don't need more to stress me out) but I thought it would be a good time, b/c Kristi and Wells are coming, so I will try to keep up on my blog, instead of trying to scrapbook it all, just with a few lines and a photo or two. Wish me luck!!

Oh I have also been nominated for the Creative Blogger Award, and I will have to address that some other time, when I have more time! A big thank you to Debi!! but it is one of those things that requires some time and links, (which I have to review) so I'll get to it, but thanks Debi, you're so sweet!

I'm sharing a lo I did for my Flashback Friday group, (we have challenges every Friday to scrap photos from the past, especially about ourselves and our memories) to make sure we are included in those books we so easily do about other people, but rarely about ourselves. It was a Christmas memory and b/c I don't have any Christmas photos scanned, I did one of my artwork. My drawing hasn't gotten any better, but my artistic passion still there!